Alleluia It’s Easter!

Alleluia It’s Easter!

What a great way to begin Easter!  Grandma Lorraine came to celebrate the Triduum with us and we had a peaceful and joyful celebration.  We started with mass on Holy Thursday, remembering that Jesus calls us to serve those around us and remembering that He called us to receive the Holy Communion.  It was a good reminder for me of why I will be receiving my First Communion very soon!  Then on Friday we were back at Church at 3pm to remember that Jesus died for us, to save us from our sins.  We got to kiss and kneel at the cross to thank Jesus for His sacrifice.  Holy Saturday started off with a trip to the park to meet some good friends and then my friend Ty came back to spend some time at our place.  His family just had a little baby boy and Ty has been getting used to having another little baby around.  We painted Easter eggs and played the game of Life!  Then we were off to Aunty Jenny and Uncle Min’s for a yummy early Easter dinner, because Grandma Lorraine had to leave on Easter Sunday.  After dinner, Daddy and I headed back to Church for a night celebrating the Easter Vigil.  It was my first Vigil and it was very cool; there were lots of readings in the dark, we had candles, we sang Alleluia, my friend’s dad received his First Communion and Confirmation and there was even a grown up who received his Baptism!  Easter Sunday started with treats from the Easter Bunny, then mass with our whole family, treats at the Bealieau House, an Easter egg hunt courtesy of the Easter bunny and lots of gifts from our family.  It was a surprise that there was an Easter Egg Hunt in our basement because Sarah checked down there before we left for Church and there were no eggs, then it was a surprise when we got back home after Church and treats, there were tons of eggs!  Sneaky Bunny!  Now we get to celebrate for 50 days – I love Easter!

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