Loving My Little Brother

Loving My Little Brother

I love being a big brother to my little brother Nicholas.  He is soooo cute!  His toes and hands are so tiny and I love holding them and kissing them.  “When you have a baby you can rock it, watch it, listen for him on the monitor and check on him if you hear him cry in the monitor.”  I really love having a little tiny baby brother, but I’m also looking forward to Nicholas growing up a little bit so he can play with me.  I want to play cars with him, we can share our cars, and I’ll show him how to play with my geotrax trains too.  It will be so fun with Nicholas, Sarah and I can all play together – and when our cousins come over then there will be 5 of us!  Wow, it sure is fun to be a little Molyneux kid right now…we can’t wait for the arrival of our little Borges cousin too – what an eventful year!

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