1 Month New

1 Month New

Mom thinks I’m growing way too fast, so instead of getting older I’m going to stay new for a while.  I can’t believe 1 month has already passed since I joined this wonderful world of ours.  I have been so busy enjoying my family, eating, sleeping and playing that time has just flown by.  I had my first play date with my friend Garrett (he is a month older then me), we spent most of our time sleeping, but I know that I’m going to have tons of fun with him as I grow up!  I also had a doctor’s appointment today – I am now 10 pounds 2 ounces, so I’ve been doing a lot of growing!  I’ve also been helping at the family garage sale, mostly just looking cute so that lots of people come – it’s working.  The biggest event has been that I started really smiling at mom, dad, Robbie and Sarah – really big beautiful smiles.  They seem to really like when I do it, so I think I will just keep smiling my whole life:)  I have lots to smile about, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!  Mom says she will try and capture one of those smiles on camera to share with everyone, I’ll try to cooperate soon.

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