Well, even though the weather is not as warm as we would like, it hasn’t really snowed much, except for a tiny bit on Friday – but hey who’s keeping track.  Mom says we have to think positively and it’s only April and soon it will warm up.  It doesn’t really matter to me anyway, as long as I can swing I’m happy.  Like I said in my earlier post I can swing for hours if someone is willing to push me.  Mom and dad are pretty patient, but usually after about a half hour, they are done and wanting me to go on to something else.  I’m really happy that we have a swing set in our back yard, because then I don’t have to always wait to go to the park to swing.  What I do like at the park though are the slides.  I didn’t like them at first, but today I decided I was going to be brave and climb up the ladders and go down all the slides.  I go down short slides sitting down, but the longer ones I go lying on my belly – it feels less scary:)  Lots of fun, I’m looking forward to warmer weather and experiencing the spray park again!!!

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