Lots of Celebrating

Lots of Celebrating

This has been a week of celebrations.  Christmas, Aunty Sharon’s Birthday and today, Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Jose’s 40th Wedding Anniversary.  We had a wonderful day with Grandpa and Grandma today.  Sarah and I decorated cookies with Grandma this morning and then our family played out the Nativity Story together – it was so much fun!  Grandma Teresa put all these amazing outfits together, what a fun Grandma we have, we are so blessed!  Then we got to surprise Grandma and Grandpa with an anniversary dinner at a yummy Portuguese restaurant and a ride in a limo!  Sarah and I even got to ride in the limo with them!!!  What an eventful day.  To top it all off, we got to stay up and eat the cookies we decorated and watch Borges home videos from 20 years ago!  It was really fun to see mom and all our aunts and uncles as kids, I didn’t realize they were EVER that young.  It was a REALLY fun day and we are so proud and thankful for Grandpa and Grandma. 

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