4 Months Old

4 Months Old

Well 4 months have already gone by, and I must say life on the outside is pretty darn good.  I’ve really been enjoying all the new things I’ve learned to do this month – like holding my head up when I’m on my tummy and holding on to my toys and putting them in my mouth.  I’m still a pretty easy going little guy, full of smiles for any friendly faces I see – especially mom, dad, Robert and Sarah.  I’m very very curious these days, which makes nursing hard…it’s kind of boring!  I like to look around and take in every little noise I hear, and when you have 2 older siblings there is always so much noise to pay attention to:)  I love to listen to stories and even look at the t.v. when it’s on.  So much to see and do in this world, I’m looking forward to another month of discovery!

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