Look What I Can Do!

Look What I Can Do!

Mom and dad think it’s fun to put me down on my tummy, something about not getting a flat head and strengthening my muscles for crawling.  I say, who needs to crawl???  All I need to do is squawk a little bit and mom or dad come get me, and since all I want is to be in my mom or dad’s arms, I’m not seeing the problem.  I didn’t like being on my tummy because, 1. mom or dad where not holding me, 2. I couldn’t move, 3. my head was too heavy to hold up.  Well, all that changed today, because look at me!  I can hold my head up and I even made some movements with my legs and pushed myself up a bit.  I must admit it felt…empowering!  I’ll have to keep practising this new found ability and maybe one day I will try that crawling thing.  For now I’m going to savour every minute of being carried wherever mom and dad go.

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