The Oldest Molyneux Child

The Oldest Molyneux Child

Being the oldest Molyneux child means I get to pave the way for my little sister and brother.  Everything is a new experience for me, dad and mom – which can be super fun and sometimes not so fun – I’m sure all the oldest children out there can relate.  Sometimes dad and mom aren’t quite sure how best to help me grow through every new stage, but that’s o.k. because we all learn together and we all know we aren’t perfect.  Now that I’m 5 years old, we are all realizing more and more that I have entered a new stage of childhood.  It’s another new adventure that me, dad and mom are experiencing together.  Every day I seem to grow up a little more, I seem to understand something new, I seem to be able to do a lot more…I can even pop a wheelie on my bike and make a skid on the sidewalk with my tires.  Although I still LOVE to play with all my toys, I am realizing that life isn’t just about playing.  I am taking on new responsibilities, like setting the table before dinner and helping mom and dad paint the shed.  At Church today, I didn’t dig into our Church bag as soon as we got there to get my cars, instead I listened to the readings and the songs and took in a bit more of what was going on.   I still love to laugh and play with my little sister and new baby brother.  I still love to play with my cars, planes and trains.  I still love to play MarioKart – but I keep getting better and better at it – I come in 1st place a lot.  The best part about being the oldest is that I get to help my little sister and brother grow up too – I love being a big brother.

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