1st Time on the Ice!

1st Time on the Ice!

What a wonderful invention this thing called ice!  I’m sure glad we live in Canada where we can experience it the way it should be enjoyed, outside!  We have been having an incredibly mild winter here in Saskatoon, and we got to enjoy one of these beautiful days out on the ice.  I was in awe!  I couldn’t get over watching the older kids play hockey, I really wanted to join in, mom had to keep watching me so I wouldn’t interrupt the game.  Then Grandma Teresa found me a puck, well that was the best thing in the world!  I kicked that puck all around the ice and just enjoyed every minute of it.  Mom had to pull me away kicking and screaming, because i could have done that all night.  I kept kicking it to the goal that the older kids were using in the game, they were really patient with me.  I can’t wait until I’m old enough to join Robert and Sarah on some skates, it looks like so much fun!  But for now, I’ll just enjoy kicking the puck around, there is nothing better!

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