Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This is my first Christmas that I’ve been able to really enter into, it has been sooo much fun.  I have loved everything about getting ready for Christmas, putting up the Christmas tree (it was my first time putting up the Angel!), playing Nativity with the nativity scenes we have, praying with the advent wreath and blowing out the candles, reading all the Christmas books and watching all the Christmas videos, all the Christmas baking!  The list goes on.  Now Christmas has finally arrived!  We are having such a wonderful time with family and we are enjoying all the excitement.  Opening gifts has been a little challenging, since all I want to do is play with what I’ve opened, or in most cases what Robert or Sarah have opened, but I keep being told I have another gift to open.  Maybe

next year I’ll be a better at that:)  Everyone has been so

generous to me and I’m so grateful for everything.  Oh

yah another thing I’m loving about Christmas is all the

Christmas songs!  I’m learning to sing along, my

favourite song is still Alleluia – I can’t wait until Easter!

Here’s a picture of me putting the Christmas Angel on

the tree at the beginning of advent!

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