I Am Daniel Francis!

I Am Daniel Francis!

My family have decided on the perfect name for me, Daniel Francis!  Everyone crowed around me to make the final decision.  There was a list of boy names and they were slowly sorted through and voted on by everyone in the family.  When they finally got to Daniel, it was a unanimous LIKE vote and so I became Daniel Francis.  Daniel was picked because of the strong Daniel in the bible who tamed to the Lions in the den, as well as, some special people that have been in our lives the past few years who my family have greatly admired.  Daniel means “God is my judge” and I hope to always live with the understanding that I will stand before God one day and be judged!  Francis was an easy pick, after my Great-Grandfather on mom’s side, after our wonderful Pope, and after two great Saints, Sts. Francis Xavier and Francis of Assisi.  Funny thing is, that when Daddy called Uncle Paulo and Aunty Maria to tell them what my name was, Uncle Paulo was amazed, because that was their second pick for my new cousin Sebastian who is 3 weeks older than me.  That was just the confirmation that mom and dad needed to know that they made the right decision for my name.  I like my name; I hope I can live up to the many great men that have carried these names before me.

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