1 Week Old

1 Week Old

I’ve been at this living in the outside world for a week now and although I’m still missing my cozy mommy home, I am feeling very loved here.  My midwife has been taking good care of mommy and me, visiting us lots and making sure I’m gaining weight.  I am currently a little under my birth weight at 8lbs 5 oz, but with the amount of time I spend eating, I’m sure to recover quickly:)  I’m enjoying mommy’s milk and all the kisses, hugs (and sometimes not so gentle love) I’m getting.  I’ve been having lots of fun helping Grandma Lorraine get settled into her new home.  I’ve been to mass for the first time and felt so welcomed by everyone there.  I had my first bath and loved the feel of water again.  Life sure if busy and I don’t think I’ll have much time to ever be bored – I’ve already learned that I need to use my voice to make sure that everyone remembers I’m around:)

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