I’m Finally a BIG Brother

I’m Finally a BIG Brother

I was so excited to finally meet my baby – we have been waiting so long to meet him and I just knew he was a baby boy!  Even though I got an ouchee while we were playing at the park with Grandma, becoming a big brother made me feel so much better.  My baby is so little and I have to be really gentle with him – that is kind of hard for me because I just want to give him lots of hugs and I’m so curious to see what happens when I hug him lots, and smoosh him a little, and bounce his little chair really high.  Mommy keeps reminding me to be gentle and not get so close to his face, but he is so cute an it’s so hard to stay away.  I love being able to hold my baby, because now that I’m a big brother I can do that!  Even though I love my little brother, it is very hard to share my mommy and daddy with him.  I’m not used to having to do much sharing, so I know I’m going to have to be a big boy and learn to be generous in a new way.  The nice thing about mommy and daddy being a bit more busy is that I can get away with being a little louder and playing and little rougher then normal – we’ll see how long that lasts before they catch on:)  Welcome baby brother, I’m so glad you are here! I’m so excited to have a little brother and I can’t wait until he is older so that I can play with him!

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