My Class Christmas Presentation

My Class Christmas Presentation

Sr. O’Brien always does something different for their Christmas celebrations.  For Kindergarten we did our own little presentation because the rest of the school did a Christmas Pageant, but our teacher wanted us to have more time on stage, so she put together her own presentation and celebration for our parents.  In Grade 1 the whole school participated in an Advent celebration at Church.  This year all the classes put together their own presentations and our parents came to our classrooms to enjoy what we had created.  My class decided to do two songs and to set up a photo booth that we could take pictures in with our guests.  The first song we sang was the 12 Days of Christmas – it was our own version and it was in French.  We created signs for each of the days that we held up each time our day was sung.  I got the privilege of being the First Day of Christmas!!  The first day of Christmas was…”Sur le premier jour de Noël mon amie ma donner, une étoile qui brille”.  Boy my arm sure got tired of holding up the star every time we sang that line!  My teacher played the piano for us while we sang, Mlle. de los Santos is so talented!  The second song we sang was Feliz Navidad…because it has been soooo super cold here and we were wanting to think of somewhere warmer.  So we all wore sunglasses and added a “cha, cha, cha, cha” to the song.  It was a very fun song to sing and dance to and we even learned a little Spanish along the way.  Mommy, Nicho, Daniel and Grandma Lorraine came to watch my performance, poor daddy was sick at home with the stomach flu – YUCK!!!  It was a great way to end the 2013 school year and got me all excited about celebrating Christmas!

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