Sad Goodbye…

Sad Goodbye…

Well, the day has come to say goodbye, and we are so sad that we have to go.  We have loved every minute of this wonderful holiday – spending time with Uncle Chris, Aunty Angela, Dolly and Pumpkin – and getting to know this beautiful island.  I am not the only one in my family that wishes we could move here – but then we would be far from the rest of our family, I guess life will never be perfect… I hope that we are able to see Uncle and Aunty again soon and a lot more often, they are so much fun!  We fly into Toronto today and meet up with Mrs. Gillian, Mr. David and little Joe – so that makes it much more fun to go to Toronto.  We also get to stay at a hotel, I LOVE doing that:)  It is also Canada’s 143rd birthday – Happy Birthday Canada – yet another special day. 

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