My Teeth Are Falling Out

My Teeth Are Falling Out

I have lost 4 teeth now.  I wish I could say that they just fell out, but it took a little more effort than that.  Even though they didn’t hurt to come out, they did have to be twisted, pushed and pulled out of my mouth.  My gums are healthy I guess and don’t want to let their babies go!  I like my baby teeth so much, that at first I didn’t want to give them to the Tooth Fairy.  But since the Tooth Fairy is so generous, I’m giving her all the teeth that fall out.  I’m happy that my teeth finally decided to come out and I even pulled out the two top teeth.  Since my adult teeth are just starting to poke out on top, I’ve got a pretty big hole in my mouth and I kind of sound funny when I talk.  But I think that I look pretty cute without my two front teeth and I’m excited to see my adult teeth fill in the gap.

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