I Decided It Was Time

I Decided It Was Time

My family was so anxious to meet me, that despite my due date being August 3rd, they were all impatiently awaiting my arrival since the beginning of July.  After the very eventful arrival of my cousin Sebastian a few weeks ago, everyone was also a little more anxious about when and how I would arrive.  Amidst great excitement with Grandma Lorraine’s move up to Saskatoon and lots of contractions for a few days, I had everyone jumping every time mom made a move.  I guess Uncle Chris was quite excited – it’s too bad I missed him by 1 day – it would have been great to meet him on my birthday!  So I decided that I wouldn’t keep everyone waiting any longer and I showed up two days early.  I think it’s a good thing being born August 1st, because being the 4th in a family means that sometimes details are hard to remember for mom and dad, but I think that August 1st is a nice easy birth date to remember:)  At 8:23pm on August 1st, I had a wonderfully peaceful and gentle entrance into this great big world, right here in our home sweet home.  Mom and I were very well taken care of by our super midwife Romaine Abrams and it was so nice to be able to meet my brothers and sister so soon after arriving.  Everyone was so excited to finally meet baby Mario:)  Although I have not yet been named (no Mario did not stick), I know I am very loved.  I outweighed both my brothers and sister, weighing 8 pounds and 8 ounces – no wonder mom was so uncomfortable!  But I had to make sure that I was sturdy enough to endure the love of my siblings… I have already had the pleasure of meeting some of my wonderful extended family and can’t wait to meet everyone else.  Until then I’m going to enjoy my mamas milk and my family’s love, as I get used to life on the outside.

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