My First Sleepover

My First Sleepover

The best thing about having cousins is that they can be your closest friends, not only your cousins.  Even though I don’t have a sister, I have two wonderful little girl cousins who live so close to me and are like my sisters.  I give them my hand me downs, we play dolls and dress up, we do girly things and laugh and be silly and for the first time last night, Jacinta and I had a sleepover!  Aunty Sharon planned a super fun GIRL night for Jacinta and I and it was so much fun.  We watched girl movies, we did our nails, we had LOTS of snacks, we talked and laughed and acted silly and we got to go to bed late!  Jacinta and I even got to share a bed:)  The next morning we made breakfast and crafted, how girly can you get? I am so blessed to have such wonderful family – thanks for a great night Aunty Sharon and Jacinta – I love you!

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