Halloween is one of the Molyneux favourites, except for mom who is not so big on dressing up, but she’s learning.  With Grandma Lorraine in town, we’ve been talking about our costumes for the past month.  Even though she is super busy, she agreed to make me a pirate outfit, Sarah an Anne of Green Gables outfit and Charlotte a princess outfit!  She is amazing! Oliver wanted to be a Dinosaur, so he used Robbie’s costume from a few years ago and Robert wanted to be Obi Wan Kenobi again.  Daniel also picked a costume that has made the rounds in the Beaulieu and Molyneux families and he was a puppy – I’m guessing next year he is going to be a lion, because EVERY Molyneux kid has to be a lion!  The Leyne’s also love Halloween and they have a lot of creativity, so their costumes are always amazing.  This year though, all the adults seemed to like their costume, but I just didn’t get it!  All I know is Jacinta was in a box in the shape of a Banana – it was interesting!  Earlier in the day I got to go to the Cathedral with Daniel and listen to Superman read stories – he is an awesome story teller!  Who knew, fights crime and reads!  We also got to go trick or treating around the Diocesan office, lots of people were dressed up there too.  Aunty Sharon dressed up like Uncle Colm and yes, Uncle Colm dressed up like Aunty Sharon – they were funny.  Jacinta got to dress up like Snow White for this event.  On a quick errand at Extra Foods, I got a cool Pumkin Pail and they gave me candy too!  I would say it was a successful day of trick or treating, because we ended up with 3 large bags of treats…I LOVE treats!!!

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