Jolly Ol’ St. Nicholas

Jolly Ol’ St. Nicholas

We finally had a chance to come and visit St. Nicholas at the mall – he is such a nice man!  He listened to what we had to say and took some pictures with us.  He gave us some candy canes and wished us a Merry Christmas.  Then we were off to do some gift giving ourselves.  We went off to find some gifts to give to kids in need, so that their Christmas might be a little cheerier.  We had so much fun shopping for other kids, we just bought them all the things we would LOVE to get ourselves.  It felt good to give to others, it was a good reminder that Christmas isn’t about what we get, it is about giving – just like God gave us in His Son – THE reason for celebrating Christmas in the first place.  Only 5 more days till we get to celebrate the greatest gift of all.

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