2nd Skate Ever

2nd Skate Ever

Just an update on my skating abilities…so mom put me on the ice today with my trainer and went back inside – she left me to the care of Robbie and Sarah while she made dinner:)  When she looked out the window a few minutes later she saw me skating with no trainer.  That’s right, I couldn’t be bothered with the thing, it was slowing me down.  Now I’ve got a long way to go on learning how to really use these skate, the ice is so darn slippery, but I’m up right and moving and I’m happy!  I can hold my stick and take shots on net, that is all that counts in my book right now.  So I’m enjoying this new found skill, but I must admit after a bit on my skates, I’m ready to put my boots back on and just run around.  I’m not used to going slow – I like fast!

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