I’m A Big Sister Again!

I’m A Big Sister Again!

We finally got to welcome baby Mario into the world!  Robbie and I figured something was up when Grandma ended up taking us to her house to have dinner on Thursday night.  We kept asking her if mommy was going to have the baby, but she was really good at keeping things quiet, she didn’t want to get us too excited.  We were only gone for a few hours when Daddy called and said we could come home and when he arrived he said, “Look who I found!”  Even though I would have loved to have a baby sister, I’m so in love with my baby brother – he is ADORABLE!  I’m happy to be the princess in the house and I know mommy and I will stick together as the two girls in the house.  I’m loving my little brother and can’t wait until we find the perfect name for our little brother.

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