Happy Birthday to My Little Brother

Happy Birthday to My Little Brother

Today Robert and I got to bake and decorate a cake for Nicholas, because he turned one year old!  It’s hard to believe a year has already gone by with little Nicho in our lives, it’s hard to imagine our life without him.  It has been so much fun being a big sister and watching him grow and learn new things every day.  I try and help him learn how to do things, and I also try to keep him out of trouble.  I started working on my mommy tone of voice and when I see him getting into trouble I say, “Nicholas Molyneux, NO”.  To which mom or dad usually say, “Sarah, you are not a mom or a dad…”  I’m just trying to prevent my little brother from getting into trouble…like pulling down my cd player, getting into the toilet, eating lego or paper or toilet paper – what a silly boy.  I love Nicholas so much and I look forward to spending many more years celebrating his birthday.

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