All of our Borges family is in town for Nicholas and Jacinta’s birthday – we are having so much fun with them all.  It has been really fun to spend time with our cousins too, especially little Benjamin who we don’t get to see all the time.  Being the oldest cousin in the Borges family is pretty cool because I get to teach my little cousins all I know.  It will be super fun when we are all a bit older and we can play lots of stuff together – even hockey!  I’m sure in a few year there will be even more of us, so we can play lots of sports.  Good thing I like every sport there is, I’ll learn all about the games we can play while we all grow up and then I’ll teach all my little cousins the rules, because I love rules too:)  Until then, I’ll help my little cousins, and Nicho, learn to do the simple things in life, like walk, talk and sleep all night long – I’m a pro at those things.

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