Enjoying the Beach

Enjoying the Beach

Since arriving in Bermuda on Wednesday, we have enjoyed the Beach every day!  I am loving it here.  The sand is beautiful and even has pink stuff rocks in it – who could ask for anything more??  After the first day at the beach thought, we all had to get daddy, Robbie and I had to get water shirts, because the sun was just so hot.  Now with my new water shirt, I can enjoy the beach even more, without worrying too much about getting burned.  We are all getting a little darker as the days go by, but we know sunscreen is our best friend here, so we are trying to enjoy the sun responsibly.  What do I like doing at the beach you might ask?  Playing in the sand of course:)  I can usually be found covered head to foot with sand, and since this sand is so soft and fine it get everywhere.  I think it will take Aunty and Uncle months to get rid of all the sand we keep trekking through their place, they’re so nice though, I don’t think they mind.  We are loving being at their place and finally getting to meet Aunty Angela.  We also LOVE Pumpkin and Dolly, they are such good puppies.  Maybe they will convince mom to get a dog when we get back home….or maybe not.

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