Take Off Day!

Take Off Day!

The day finally came – we are off to Bermuda!  It will take two flights and two days to get there, in between we get to stay at a hotel in Toronto!  It has taken so long for this day to arrive and it is so exciting!  The flight to Toronto was so much fun.  We had snacks, drinks and we got to watch t.v. all the way there!  We had our own t.v. and we got to pick what we wanted to watch – how fun is that?!  When we got to the airport, we picked up our bags and waited for the shuttle to take us to the airport.  Then we took a quick and very BUMPY ride to the hotel, where we got to go for a swim!  Then to finish the day off we got to eat at a restaurant.  I think I’m going to like this holiday:)  Can’t wait to get to Uncle and Aunty’s house tomorrow….we get to fly over the ocean!

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