Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Yup, that’s me these days…I’m always raring to go.  That sometimes means I get up before the clock says 7 dot dot 0 0 and that isn’t a good thing, because then mom and dad get tired.  But I can’t help it, my brain is on over-load all the time.  There is so much to learn when you are 3 and the world is such a big and busy place.  I love going out and doing fun stuff with Robbie, daddy, mommy and our family and friends.  Like last Monday Aunty Sharon took us glow bowling!!!  How super fun!  It was both mine and Robbie’s first time bowling and we LOVED it.  They didn’t have shoes small enough to fit my feet, so I had to bowl in my socks, but I didn’t care.  They had gutter guards to help our balls stay on the alley.  Daddy and Aunty had to push my bowling balls a little too, because I just couldn’t throw the darn things hard enough.  They had fun music on and lights that made us glow!  We can’t wait to go again it was so much fun!  I am also really enjoying swimming lessons.  Robbie is in Sunfish and I’m in my first un-parented class called Sea Turtle.  My teachers name is Sarah too!  She is teaching me lots of cool thinks, like front float and back float and doing my rocket ships.  I’m practicing keeping my face in the water for a few seconds and I’m getting better.  I am also getting really good and fishing for rings on the pool floor.  Oh life is so good, filled with so much to experience and learn.  Please pray that I’m able to enjoy my days and process all the fun and crazy emotions I feel all the time.  Being 3 is hard work.

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