Enjoying the Winter!

Enjoying the Winter!

I have been enjoying the beautiful winter weather we’ve  been having.  It was so cold over Christmas time, so we had to spend lots of time inside.  We had a nice warm fire going all the time and it was so cozy inside our house with all our family visiting.  But it is so nice to be able to spend some time playing outside.  We did get to go skating for the 1st time, for both Sarah and I, over Christmas – even though it was freezing.  Aunty Gina got our skates sharpened (THANK YOU) and we heading over to the local outdoor skating rink with her, daddy, Grandpa Joe and Aunty Felicia.  Although it was hard to skate we sure did have fun trying.  Our favorite part was having our family help us learn to skate, what a special time.  The other activity we have been enjoying so much is tobogganing.  We got to go for our first toboggan of the season for Aunty Sharon’s Birthday.  Since then we have been asking to go almost every day – it is so fun!  I try to go as fast as I can on the crazy carpet, and Sarah and I have races down the hill.  We also got some sand and snow shovels and love to dig in the snow in our back yard.  Last week, Daddy, Sarah and I built a snowman in our backyard.  It’s still standing, but the warm weather is making it melt slowly – the carrot nose and the eyes made of nuts (we had no coal!), have fallen off.  But it still makes us smile when we look out our back door.  Here’s hoping the warmer weather lasts a while, so we can keep enjoying the beauty of the winter season…when you live in Saskatchewan there’s not much more you can wish for in January!

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