Borges Family Easter

Borges Family Easter

Alleluia He Is RISEN, truly He is Risen as He said He would!  we are having a wonderful time celebrating Easter with our Borges family.  We just love spending time with our Grandma and Grandpa, Uncles and Aunties and cousins!  We love going to Winnipeg because there is always someone willing to do something with us and there is always so much love and activity going one – there is never a dull moment.  We had such a wonderful Easter day with our and it is a blessing to be able to celebrate the greatest event in history with those that we love.  We woke up to some treat from the Easter bunny, then we got to go to Church with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Colm joined us too.  Then we headed out to Uncle Paulo and Aunty Maria’s where the Easter bunny had organized an Easter egg hunt for us – we found basketfuls of treats!  We had a wonderful Easter dinner and Uncle Paulo’s and Aunty Maria’s, we got wonderful gifts from Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Jose and we played and had a wonderful time.  Yesterday was a very great day too.  Grandma Teresa organized an amazing egg decorating station for us, we even had glitter for the eggs and a ferris wheel and train to put the finished ones on.  There were stickers and all sorts of other crafts to keep us busy and getting ready for Easter.  We filled up Easter baskets and brought them to the Church for a special blessing, which was also very interesting and fun.  Yes the days are full and there is a bit of the stomach flu bug going around, but even with all the business, we are so grateful for the gift God gave us in His only son, so wonderfully grateful.

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