Year End Music Recital

Year End Music Recital

Well another year of music has gone by for me.  I’ve finished Sunshine II and I’m off to Sunbeams II – I think anyway.  I’ve really enjoyed music this year.  We focused on strengthening what we learned last year – which was a heck of a lot.  I’ve gotten really good at reading music and I learned alot of really great songs.  I also got to play along with the musical accompaniment on our CDs, which was actually really fun.  I really like music, for someone that is not so artistically inclined, it’s good for my head and soul to take the time to play some music – in between hockey, football and basketball of course:)  I’m also really proud of my composition this year “Dinosaurs Rule” it turned out really great and I had lots of fun learning how to play it.  I also memorized a simple version of Back’s Minuet for the recital – he had 20 kids!!!  How fun would that be!  Thanks Mrs. J. for another great year of learning.

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