My Two Front Teeth

My Two Front Teeth

So my two bottom front teeth, the first teeth I got as a baby, have been loose since before Christmas.  I’ve been wiggling them and wiggling them, but they just didn’t want to come out.  My adult teeth had already started coming up behind my baby teeth, but still they wouldn’t come out.  Well today, after a mishap with my hamper, my two front teeth were hanging by just a piece of string.  I came and showed mom, I was a bit nervous because their was some blood.  It turns out, mom is a little nervous about teeth falling out too!  She quickly took me to daddy and he took charge.  He was very excited and he thought I should try and pull them out myself.  I tried and tried, but they still would come out.  So while I held Nicholas’ and mommy’s hands, daddy quickly pulled them out and they both came out at the same time!!!!  After a bit of panic because I didn’t want any more blood – I realized my mouth was all done bleeding and I got pretty excited that my two front teeth had FINALLY fallen out!  I feel like such a big kid, and dad and

mom are in disbelief that they have a child who

has already lost some teeth.  We also thought it

was pretty cute that I have a gap in my teeth in

the exact spot that Nicholas has his ONLY teeth. 

For those of you who like details here’s a picture

of my teeth, they are actually attached by some

dried up skin and blood (kind of gross and cute

at the same time).

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