Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We have had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with lots of family, food and fun!  We started off with Mass on Christmas Eve and then a family dinner at our place – where Nicholas got to tell everyone that he was going to be a BIG BROTHER!  We had a great time celebrating with everyone into the late hours of the night.  Then we set out cookies and milk for Santa and, after cleaning up some spilled milk, it was off to bed.  We awoke to stockings and gifts from Santa, a morning with our Molyneux family opening gifts and then an afternoon with our Borges family opening gifts.  Thank you everyone for your generosity – we are so blessed.  Then another dinner with all our family and a re-inactment of the Nativity with all the cousins – thank you Grandma Teresa for organizing this family tradition!  We pray that everyone’s Christmas is as full and joyful as our has been.

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