5 on 5 Flag Football

5 on 5 Flag Football

I am thoroughly enjoying playing 5 on 5 Football – I’m playing with some great school friends, I’ve got great coaches and I’m learning a heck of alot about football!  The Season started out very cold and rainy, and I was very sick, but I’m all better now and it’s warming up nicely in Saskatoon and that makes football even more fun.  My friends Ty, Tobin and Cohen are playing on the team too and that makes it even more fun.  This weekend we played two games – it doesn’t get better then that – the more sports I get to play the better.  After the first practise, mom thought I should actually get my own football and learn how to throw and catch, she figured that would be pretty important.  So I’ve played alot of catch and I’m getting better.  I’m hoping that one day soon we get to go watch our University Football team play – the Huskie’s, it would be fun to see what the big leagues do. 

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