1st Day of Grade 3

1st Day of Grade 3

Another year of school has started, it’s hard to believe that summer is gone already!  We had a wonderful summer, which started out with celebrating my 8th birthday with friends and family.  We spent our days relaxing and enjoying the weather and the new pool mom and dad bought us.  Mom got to finish working at the beginning of the summer as we waited for Daniel to arrive.  We got to move Grandma Lorraine to Saskatoon.  Of the course the best thing about this summer was welcoming Daniel into the world!  Our annual summer trip to Winnipeg was very fun too – especially meeting Sebastien!  Now it’s back to the busy schedule of school and music lessons.  I have a great class which is mostly boys!  I’m in the grade 3/4 split and our teacher’s name is Mlle. Campbell.  I’m looking forward to learning lots of new things, but what I’m really going to enjoy is playing at recess with all my great friends:)

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