Quite Possibly the Last & the Best Feb. Break

Quite Possibly the Last & the Best Feb. Break

Today ends February break, something kinda unique to Saskatchewan – a week off of school in the middle of February, for no apparent reason.  The Government is talking about getting rid of February break now, so I guess I won’t get it when I’m in school, but I sure enjoyed this February break – it was so much fun!  The week started out with a visit from Grandma Lorraine, Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Lamy.  It was so great to have them over, we love them so much!  Then the day they had to leave, Aunty Amy came to town to hang out with all us kids, while the adults tried to do all the work they had to do.  She is so great and she took us on all sorts of adventures with Aunty Sharon and someone Uncle Colm and always Jacinta.  We went to Ruckers for the first time – and for the first little while I was a bit shocked and overwhelmed by it all.  Then I got used to it and then I spotted some basketballs!  I was finally able to snatch one of those and I held on to it for dear life:)  We all had so much fun there.  We also went to the mall to play one day, we all went to watch Robbie and Sarah skate another day and we checked out the children’s museum too.  We played lots and laughed lots.  I was feeling a touch under the weather so I also tried to fit some sleep into there.  We had a great time with you Aunty Amy – we hope we can see you again very soon.  Check out pics in our gallery of all the fun things we did this month.

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