Our First Skate

Our First Skate
First Skate of the Season

After much planning and setting up and flooding and freezing and flooding and freezing and flooding and freezing, the rink was finally ready to skate on!  We heading out for our first skate of the season, our first skate on our backyard rink and my FIRST SKATE EVER!  I didn’t quite realize that it would be so difficult.  I really did think that I would get on my cool new skates and get on the ice with my hockey stick and play hockey like the pros, really I had NO idea it would be so hard.  That ice is very slippery!  Good thing I had my trainer to hang on to.  I must say I was a little disappointed that this skating thing doesn’t just happen instantly, but I know that I will get the hang of it.  Nothing is going to stop me from playing hockey with my brother!

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