My First Visit With My Namesake

My First Visit With My Namesake

Last night I had a chat with good old St. Nicholas – what a great man!  I was a little nervous at first, but after he bounced me a few times, jingled his bells and sang Jingle Bells to me, I was o.k.  I figured I couldn’t cry while sitting on Santa’s knee, I have the same name as him after all!  It helped that Robert and Sarah were so, so, so, excited to see him, even though Robert didn’t want to sit on his lap.  That’s o.k. because Sarah REALLY wanted to sit on his lap this year, since she was too shy to sit on his lap last year, and I filled up Santa’s other knee pretty good.  He let us tell him what we would like for Christmas; Sarah was a little shy and didn’t say anything – Santa said she must just want a surprise.  Robert said he would like a plane.  I just chewed on my finger, hoping that maybe Santa could tell God to please let my teeth come in for Christmas, because there are a few that are really started to bug me.  Then Santa reminded us to leave out some cookies and milk, and not to forget the carrots for the reindeer.  We had a great visit!  Thanks Santa for taking the time to visit with us!

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