8 Months Old

8 Months Old

8 months have flown by, boy life is sure busy.  It’s been a very fun month on my life.  I welcomed my 3rd younger cousin, Charlotte, into the world – she sure is a cutie; I celebrated my first halloween; I got to see my Uncle Chris again; and I got to see our Christmas tree for the 1st time – it is so pretty!  I’ve also been busy practising my rolling, shaking my head and most recently, clapping my hands.  Life is always full of adventures around here and my life is never boring or lonely.  In fact, I think that is why I like going to sleep, it’s nice to have my own space every once in a while.  Oh, I must also share that I had my first encounter with snow.  I was outside with Robert, Sarah and mom, sitting in the sleigh, watching them build a maze in the snow.  I was very curious about all the white fluffy stuff around me and I wanted to touch it.  So I leaned over in the sleigh, and well, I fell out and landed in the snow face down.  Mom said it was my first face wash – I hope it’s my last, it was not fun.  Good thing it was pretty warm out, because my face soon warmed up again and I did enjoy the rest of the time out in the fresh air.  Oh the joys of winter.  Lots more to experience this months – so excited!

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