My First Night In My Own Room

My First Night In My Own Room

So the big move finally happened, I moved out….of dad and mom’s  bedroom:)  They took it way worse then me, but I guess that is how these things always will be.  I was quite happy to go to bed in my new room and I had a wonderful sleep – I didn’t really notice a difference to tell you the truth:)  Mom and dad were a little surprised I think with how well I did, but hey, I’m full of surprises.  So this is a big step for our family – because not only did I move out of mom and dad’s room, but Sarah and Robert are now sharing a room.  They are loving it!  Again, surprising dad and mom even more, they are doing really well in their room and Sarah is sleeping really well.  So yes, after much anxiety and planning for mom and dad, this change has been good and peaceful.  Dad and mom have so much room in their bedroom now, they could have a dance party!  Anyone want to come?

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