Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Oh what a fun day we had, I’m absolutely exhausted, but a little high on sugar too!  We have had so much going on today, that it will take a little while to process it all I think, or maybe I’m justing thinking about all the candy we now have:)  Our little crew was quite the site, as you can see.  Charlotte didn’t join us for outdoor trick or treating, but she was at the mall looking beautiful as a bee!  We didn’t even recognized Jacinta, she looked so much like a little boy it was crazy, she made a great Mr. T.  Sarah was cinderella and Nicho and Oliver were very cute lions.  Someone asked if they were twins, Aunty Jenny thought that was pretty funny, considering Oliver is considerably taller than Nicho.  It was good to go out and trick or treat, because Sarah and I had ALOT of energy to burn – daddy took us to alot of houses!  All three of us got so much candy I’m not sure what we are going to do with it all – I guess we’ll have to eat it!  Sarah and I also had tons of fun at our school parties, so many fun costumes and activities!  Sarah’s teachers were dressed as a fairy godmother and a pirate and my teacher was a spider!  So another year of dressing up and trick or treating has past, much to mommy’s great joy and happiness, but we will remember this night for many months as we work through our bags of treats!

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