My First Halloween

My First Halloween

My first halloween was so much fun!  We got to get all dressed up and ask for candy – how fun is that, wish I could eat some…  Well I didn’t really get any candy, but Robert and Sarah sure got lots and it looks yummy.  Grandma even dressed up and went trick or treating with Robert, Sarah and Oliver, she was a rag doll!  Grandma arrived today to help Aunty Jenny and Uncle Min with baby Charlotte, we are all so excited she is here.  The first thing we did for halloween today was make caramel apples, they sure looked delicious, but I haven’t yet graduated to chewing food, so no yummy apples for me this year.  Before going out for trick or treating, we all went to the mall where they were giving out candy too.  Jacinta and Charlotte dressed up, but mom and dad thought I would be too hot in my puppy costume, I think they were right.  It was fun to get dressed up, but I prefer a good comfy sleeper any day.  Jacinta and I held down the fort while the older kids went out trick or treating.  We even got about 40 trick or treaters come to our house – there were some interesting costumes out there.  I had lots of fun hanging out with Jacinta, she sure was cute in her bunny outfit.  She kind of kept getting lots in the hood, but she was very patient and didn’t seem to mind – she’s a great kid!  Hope you all had a fun Halloween too!

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