Happy Birthday Son

Happy Birthday Son

I’m going to break with tradition here and write a blog entry for our son on his first birthday:)  Nicholas, we can’t believe a year has gone by already, the day you entered our world is still so clear in our minds – I guess it always will be.  You have brought so much joy to mommy and daddy and Robert and Sarah, and all those who know you.  Your generosity with your beautiful smile, your love of snuggling, your adventurous spirit, your interest in cars and hockey, everything about you is just so wonderful.  We thank God for gifting our family with you and we pray that He will bless and protect you.   We look forward to watching you grow and learn this year; you will change so much and we are so excited to find out more about who you are and see God’s plan for you begin to unfold.  Nicholas, we wish you a very Happy Birthday.  We love you!  Check out more cute pics of Nicholas in the photo album.

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