Gotta Love Camping

Gotta Love Camping

You gotta love camping with all it’s simple pleasures, like having a daily bath after a long day at the beach in a tote container:)  Yup, this is the life!  We are having a wonderful time at Ol’Macdonald Campground in Alberta – as a child I HIGHLY recommend it!  We are enjoying our long summer days at the beach and roasting marshmallows and making popcorn on the fire.  We LOVED camping with the Beaulieu’s, we are definitely going to miss them these last 2 days.  On Tuesday we drove down to Drumheller to see the dinosaurs and enjoy some time at the cool spray park and pool there.  My favourite part though was feeding the gophers outside the Tyrell Museum, way better then looking at a bunch of bones, in my opinion.  The museum is pretty amazing, but not much fun for a busy two year old like me.  Today mommy met some friends at the campground that she hadn’t seen in 13 years!  We are hoping to spend the day with them at the beach tomorrow.  Lots and lots of fun adventures are being had by all.  Check out the pictures in the gallery!

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