Made It!

Made It!

Well me made it home and are enjoying getting back into routine, but oh do we miss family!  I must admit though, it is good to be back on a routine and getting enough sleep, I was pretty worn out from the trip.  Unfortunately on Easter Monday I ended the day with a not very pleasant feeling in my tummy and let’s just say the story doesn’t end well.  I fought that bug for the rest of the week and it was kind of relentless – it was very fun, but I won’t remember in a month so it’s all good:)  I impressed all the family with my singing ability, Oh Canada, Allelluia, ABC, Hail Mary; they must of liked my voice because they kept asking me to sing songs all week, for the most part I graciously agreed.  Some family came to see, I hope they didn’t leave with the flu bug,  but because I wasn’t feeling well, we stayed close to home.  Hopefully next time we get to visit Winnipeg, everyone is feeling good and we can do lots of visiting and exploring.  Always lots to see in Winnipeg!

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