First Night in My Big Boy Bed

First Night in My Big Boy Bed

Last night was my first night in my big boy bed.  Dad thought it was time to get me out of my crib, because I was always climbing out of it anyway.  Mom wasn’t so sure, because I was giving her a hard time climbing out of my crib when she tried to put me to bed.  What can I say, I just can’t get enough of my mommy:)  Well, I guess I surprised mom and proved dad right, it was just time for me to get into a big boy bed!  I LOVE it!  I slept it in all night long and didn’t cause any trouble at bed time.  Mom was shocked.  I’m not sure what she was worried about, I’ve always loved sleep – it’s the Borges side in me shining through:)  Mom and Dad say Praise God!

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