Ahoy Matey, I’m 4 Today!

Ahoy Matey, I’m 4 Today!

I’m four years old today and I had such a fun time celebrating!  I had a Pirate themed birthday party and it was so fun!  There were pirate banners, pirate plates, pirate napkins, pirate cupcakes and pirate goodie bags for all my cousins.  We had a treasure hunt to find the goodie bags and there were swords for everyone too!  I had a wonderful 3rd year – I said good bye to my ya yas; I got to spend lots of time with Grandma Lorraine because she moved to Saskatoon; I welcomed my new cousin Sebastian into the world; I became a big brother when Daniel was born; I started sharing a bedroom with Robbie; I enjoyed spending time with Uncle Chris when he came to visit over the summer; I enjoyed spending lots of time with mommy because she is on maternity leave; I was a pirate for Halloween and Blessed Francisco for All Saints Day; I went to my first Husky Basketball Game and Blades Hockey Game; I learned how to skate on our backyard rink…lots of wonderful things.  I know God has lots in store for me this year and I can’t wait to live every single day with as much joy and energy as I’ve lived these past 4 years!

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