8 Months Old Already!

8 Months Old Already!

Mom says I’m growing up so fast – but I feel like I should already be walking around and keeping up with my brothers and sister!  I am getting big though, I already weigh 20lbs 2oz…yup I’m a big boy!  I had to get a shot at the beginning of this month and I didn’t even cry, yah I’m tough!  We started my first lenten journey this month and I got my first Ash Wednesday cross.  I went to story time at the Cathedral with Nicholas and I got to meet Bishop Don who read us stories and showed us his special hats and staff.  I got two teeth this month too, my bottom two, so now I can bite things!  I love having my bath, and anxiously wait while the tub fills!  We celebrated my big brother Nicholas’ 4th birthday this month too – he is such a wonderful big brother, even if he sometimes is a bit rough with me….he is just preparing me for life and I can handle it! I also started shaking my head “no”, not for any particular reason, but just cause it felt neat.  I topped up this month of life with getting my first cold, now that is something I did not enjoy at all!  I felt miserable…but mommy and daddy have been helping me get through this fact of life too.  As I turned 8  months today, I thought I would mark the occasion with learning yet one more thing.  I got onto my belly today and started pushing myself around.  I ended up going around in a circle, but it is the first step in being mobile – and I can’t wait!!!

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