5 Months – Welcome 2014

5 Months – Welcome 2014

I started out this new month of life by ringing in the New Year!  We had fun celebrating with all our family and going to Church to celebrate our Mother Mary.  Grandma Teresa dressed up all her grandkids in beautiful matching outfits and we took some nice pictures with all the kids.  Ollie and Chary joined in the fun and we got some great pics with all our cousins!  Well, truth be told there isn’t a “perfect” picture of all the kids, because lets face it, we are all 8 years old and younger and there are 9 of us all together.  I’m very blessed to be surrounded by so many awesome cousins, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles – I feel so very loved.  I got to try out some new things today – I sat on my own for a few seconds and I got to have a few sips of water.  Mom and dad say I’m getting close to trying food too, I can’t wait!  As you can see from my cheeks I love to eat!  But I really should post a picture of me beside a picture of daddy when he was a baby, the resemblance is pretty amazing.

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