Thoughts from the heart of a little girl…

Thoughts from the heart of a little girl…

We are absolutely enjoying the beautiful fall weather we have been having lately.  We are so blest to be able to be outside in our summer clothes in October!!!  But the signs of winter are all around us.  Our firewood got delivered today….we all love having a fire and being toasty warm in the house, but there is nothing like spending the afternoon outside; swinging, raking leaves, taking cute pictures:)  Today we were playing recess and mom was being the teacher.  She rang the bell and off Robbie and I went to have recess in the backyard.  Mom said that she needed to be called Mme. Molyneux.  I thought that was fun, so I kept coming to the door and asking Mme. Molyneux a question.  I was doing really well until one time I came to the door and said Mme, Fortier (Robbie’s teacher), mom said that’s not my name, and I said “I know, but I can’t remember your name!”.  Mom thought that was funny.  My imagination has also been working on over-drive.  I love to play with my dolls and especially my ponies.  I love naming my dolls and ponies, my favourite names…

Crystal Elizabeth January

Shiny Crystal Elizabeth January Lorraine

Well, you get the picture, I am ALL girl.  I told mommy tonight that I really wanted to be a real princess, I was so earnest in my request!  Mom told me that I already was a real princess, God’s princess.  I told her I wanted to be a real princess with a real princess head, with a neckless and a dress.  Mom told me it is not what you wear that makes you a princess it is what is in your heart.  She said that when we choose goodness in our heart than we show everyone how we are God’s princesses.  So I asked if all girls have goodness in their heart, she said yes, we just have to choose it.  Hmmmm, lots to think about.

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