Enjoying Being Creative

Enjoying Being Creative

There are a lot of VERY creative people in my family, so it’s not surprising that I have a bit of the creative gene in me too.  I LOVE crafting, decorating, playing lego, painting, playing with playdough, drawing – anything that lets me express myself through a finished product that I can show everyone.  I love sharing my creations with my family and explaining why I chose a specific colour, why I picked a certain sticker, and why glitter is the best thing ever invented!  All this to say, that I really enjoyed decorating cookies with Grandma Teresa today.  She went through a lot of trouble making cookies, and cutting out designs by hand!  Talk about a creative person, Grandma Teresa sure is creative, she even made us outfits to play out the Nativity Story.  The Mary outfit she made me was just perfect!  I think my most favourite thing about decorating cookies with grandma was that she had SO many decorations to choose from – it was amazing.  Plus, she let me decorate any way I wanted to and use as many decorations as I wanted to – it was creativity at it’s best.  I think our cookies turned out great and we had so much fun doing it.  Thanks Grandma for nurturing my creativity – I love you!

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